Sculpting Dreams: The Perfect Blend of Textures in a 3 BHK Modern Abode

When it comes to envisioning your dream home, the architecture and design play a pivotal role in bringing your aspirations to life. Imagine a harmonious blend of contemporary aesthetics and functional spaces, all encapsulated in a compact yet stylish house. In this blog post, we're delighted to introduce you to a remarkable modern house architecture design encompassing 1411 square feet (131 square meters or 157 square yards) with 3 bedrooms, prominently showcasing a blend of red brick and grey grunge textures that truly redefine modern living.

Exterior Elegance

The exterior of this modern house design is a symphony of red brick and grey grunge textures, creating a captivating visual contrast that immediately catches the eye. The show wall,  red brick and painted with grey grunge texture, stands as the primary focal point of the elevation. To add a touch of sophistication, vertical white grooves accentuate this show wall, enhancing the overall aesthetics of the house. Design provided by Constant Interiors from Thrissur, Kerala.

House Specification
Ground floor area : 856 Sq-Ft.
First floor area : 555 Sq-Ft.
Total area : 1411 Sq-Ft.
No. of bedrooms : 3
No. of floors : 2
Design style : Box model Modern
Modern 3 BHK House Exterior with Red Brick and Grey Grunge Textures House Facilities
Ground floor
  • 1 Bedroom with attached toilet
  • Living
  • Dining
  • Kitchen
  • Work area
First floor
  • 2 Bedrooms with attached toilet
  • Balcony

Balancing Form and Function

The 4-bedroom layout is a thoughtful response to the demands of modern families. With four bedrooms, each equipped with an attached toilet, privacy and comfort are paramount. This design caters to the needs of both nuclear and extended families, ensuring everyone has their own space. The blend of form and function is evident throughout the house, from the spacious bedrooms to the efficient kitchen layout.
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Designed By: Constant Interiors (Thrissur house design)
Kodungallur, Thrissur, Kerala, India 680669
Mobile: +91 79944 63453
Email:[email protected]
Sculpting Dreams: The Perfect Blend of Textures in a 3 BHK Modern Abode Sculpting Dreams: The Perfect Blend of Textures in a 3 BHK Modern Abode Reviewed by Kerala Home Design on Wednesday, August 23, 2023 Rating: 5

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