Top 50 house plans of February 2016

2785 sq-ft 5 bedroom Kerala home

4 bhk house in 278 square meter

1753 square feet home plan

Unique house with cantilever balcony

Slanting style curvy roof house plan

Finished house project in Kerala

Simple home plan in modern style

Elegant villa plan 2700 sq-ft

Flat roof contemporary night view

Interior designs of bedroom, living rooms

Three bedroom small home in 4.5 cents

Luxurious sloping roof house with 2 porch

Kerala Traditional Interiors

Round roof house plan

2778 square feet flat roof house

2655 square feet modern house

Colonial type sloping roof house

Sloping roof house 2300 square feet

Awesome luxurious home plan

Modern flat roof villa

Luxury bungalow style Colonial Indian home

311 sq-m flat roof home design

Wide contemporary house with floor plan

3d wall decor in Kerala

1821 sq-ft flat roof style contemporary home

Modern style home in with a special design element

Fusion home design plan

Kitchen interior works at Trivandrum

2883 sq-ft Contemporary style house

Beautiful stylish sloping roof residence

Kitchen, work area, bedroom and living interior

1800 square feet slanting roof mix home

Double storied multiple family house

Simple but beautiful one floor home

Mix roof style modern house in 400 sq-yd

5 bedroom house by Hashir KV

Very beautiful modern interior designs

232 sq-m contemporary house

Box type residence plan