About Kerala home design

The idea behind Kerala home design is simply to connect house designers / architects to common people without any login / account. So browsing through our gallery is really hassle free, every one can find their dream house according to their needs. We feel, when going through our house gallery, you will get lots of new ideas to build your house in dream.

We archived all types of house designs. From traditional to contemporary, from single storied to multi-storied and from small budget to super luxury. We have over 8000 blog posts since inception.

How and why we started Kerala Home design?

When we were planning to build our home in 2009, we searched the Internet for Kerala model house plans. Unfortunately at that time we only got a very small collection of homes (Kerala) for reference. Thus the promoters of this blog planned to start a Kerala home design gallery blog. Not only we are publishing house elevations but also Kerala interiors, and some designers are ready to publish free floor plans. Frankly, we are not into design or construction, we are just showcasing the works, which are sent by Designers / Architects / Builders / Individuals. We don't know any designers personally! Also we don't stand as third parties.

So if you're choosing a designer to build your elevation / home, ask them to give details of some of their recent works. Speak to their clients directly. Then only you know the capability / responsibility of the builder - That's our recommendation.

Thanks Again! May God bless you to find your dream house

With God's Grace, we have

Updated January 29, 2021
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NB: Please note that we don't have any offices in anywhere. We only have this virtual presence - www.keralahousedesigns.com
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  1. nice........home design

  2. Sakshi8:00 PM

    nice designs. can anybody give me a best home plan for the area 18.5 by 49 sq ft

    1. Hello sir .
      we provide house plan . design . how can i help you ?

  3. How do I get the updates from Kerala house designs?

  4. What country are you from?

  5. jossy7:29 PM

    can you please give me your contact number asap.

  6. Hello, can you tell me which design program is use for kerala home designs?

  7. Anonymous4:21 AM

    Do you design Modern Townhouse Buildings?? Looking for 100 units?

  8. I am seeing a lot of beautiful plans but once I see a house I like how do I connect to the right person to buy a set of plans? [email protected]

  9. Hello Dear Sir Can you tell me which software used for kerla home design


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