A Stunning 5-Bedroom Modern Marvel: Elegance Meets Functionality

Presenting a modern luxury—a 2348 square feet (218 square meters or 261 square yards) architectural masterpiece designed to elevate your living experience. This stunning 5-bedroom house combines contemporary aesthetics with functional design, ensuring comfort and elegance at every corner.

Exterior Design

The house boasts a sophisticated, dark-tiled hip roof. This not only adds to the aesthetic appeal but also offers practical benefits such as efficient water and snow shedding, alongside excellent ventilation. The hip roof’s sleek lines contribute to the modern look while ensuring durability and low maintenance.

The facade is a harmonious blend of clean lines and classic elements, enhanced by a light color palette that exudes elegance. The lower portion of the exterior walls features stone cladding, adding a touch of rustic charm that beautifully contrasts with the modern design. This combination of materials and colors creates a visually stunning and inviting exterior.

Strategically placed large, symmetrical windows maximize natural light during the day, framed in dark trim that contrasts against the light-colored walls. This creates a striking visual impact and enhances the overall aesthetic. Smaller accent windows add architectural interest and improve indoor lighting, ensuring every room is bright and welcoming. 

Columns and Porch:
The entrance is marked by robust columns supporting a grand portico. This feature gives the house a majestic and welcoming feel. The slightly elevated porch, accessible via a few steps, adds to the entrance’s grandeur, making a lasting impression on visitors. Design send by Arconic Architects & Interiors, Kannur, Kerala.

Square feet Details
Total Area: 2348 Sq.Ft.

Key Features
Bedrooms: 3
Design Style: Modern
Estimated Construction Cost: 54 Lakhs INR (USD 64,700) (AED 2,37,700)
Note: Costs may vary depending on time and location (June 2024)
Elegant modern 5-bedroom house with dark-tiled hip roof, large windows, and beautiful landscaping illuminated at night
Ground floor
  • 3 bed attached with dressing room
  • Living room
  • F. Living
  • Pooja
  • Foyer
  • Sit out
  • Dining with wash space
  • Courtyard
  • Kitchen
  • Work area
  • Toilet
  • Store
  • Maid room


The lush green lawn is meticulously maintained, complemented by a variety of shrubs and small plants that enhance the house’s curb appeal. Designed to be both beautiful and low-maintenance, the landscaping adds to the serene and welcoming atmosphere of the property.

Well-defined stone pathways lead to the house and around the garden, providing easy access and contributing to the overall aesthetic. Surrounded by manicured grass, these pathways blend harmoniously with the natural surroundings, inviting leisurely strolls through the garden.

Outdoor Lighting:
Discreet yet effective outdoor lighting is installed along the pathways and around the house. This ensures safety while highlighting the architectural features and landscaping at night, creating a serene and inviting ambiance that enhances the property’s appeal after dark.

Elegant modern 5-bedroom house with dark-tiled hip roof, large windows, and beautiful landscaping

Night View Highlights

At night, the house transforms into a beautifully illuminated spectacle. Warm lights highlight the facade, columns, and windows, enhancing architectural details and creating a cozy, welcoming atmosphere. The strategic placement of lights ensures the house looks just as stunning at night as it does during the day.

Enhanced Security:
The well-lit exterior not only adds to the house’s beauty but also enhances security. Adequate lighting ensures all corners of the property are visible, deterring potential intruders and providing peace of mind for the residents.

Garden Lights:
The garden is adorned with soft ground lights that illuminate the greenery and pathways, allowing for enjoyable nighttime strolls. This thoughtful lighting design creates a magical evening setting, perfect for relaxing or entertaining guests.

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