60 Top home plans of August 2018

2360 square feet mixed roof home plan with 4 bedrooms

₹33 lakhs cost estimated flat roof house

Interior designs by Shameem K M from Malappuram

₹26 Lakhs cost estimated slanting roof villa

Awesome sober colored contemporary home

Below 27 lakhs cost estimated 4 bedroom modern residence

1885 square feet single storied modern mixed roof home

3 bedroom 1566 square feet flat roof residence

3 different home designs one floor plan

Below 25 lakhs 2400 sq-ft 3 bedroom home

1626 square feet awesome Kerala modern home

2800 square feet 4 bedroom modern home

Traditional Kerala home design 3498 square feet

2220 square feet 4 bedroom flat roof Tamilnadu home

4 bedroom double storied Kerala residence

1740 square feet 3 bedroom cute Kerala home

1493 square feet small double storied mixed roof home

2074 square feet box type modern home

1899 square feet 5BHK modern house plan

1783 square feet 4 bedroom modern home plan

4 BHK beautiful contemporary modern home plan

1342 sq-ft house built in a traditional way

₹60 lakhs cost estimated 3310 square feet modern home

4 bedroom 1748 sq-ft modern home design

2650 square foot 4 bedroom modern sloping roof home

Colonial model proposed house at Kozhikode

Contemporary style 4 bedroom 3500 sq-ft contemporary home

Stylish 3 bedroom 1800 square feet home architecture

Stylish 4 bedroom 2750 square feet home plan

Arabian style villa with 5 bedrooms

2750 square feet 4 bedroom sloping roof home

1530 square feet 3 bedroom small double storied home plan

Proposed house in Victoria, Australia

1600 square feet 3 bedroom small flat roof home

1800 square feet flat roof 4 BHK home plan

Proposed Modern house in UK by Greenline Architects

2913 square feet work completed 4 bedroom home in Kerala

Curved roof mix double storied 2356 sq-ft home

1927 square feet modern house plan

1580 sq-ft 3 BHK modern mixed roof home

4 bedroom 1725 sq.ft beautiful modern home design

2978 square feet 4 bedroom modern sober color home

1750 square feet 4 bedroom contemporary villa plan

Minar architects presents a sloping roof 4 bedroom home

1836 square feet 3 bedroom stunning home rendering

Remodeling plan of an old house to 2140 sq-ft