Transcending Boundaries: The Contemporary Oasis - A 4-Bedroom Marvel

Today, we delve into the blueprint of a stunning 4-bedroom house, spanning 2850 square feet, boasting a modern contemporary design that is sure to captivate the hearts of enthusiasts.

Exterior Elegance:

At first glance, the exterior of this abode sets the tone for what lies within. Standing proudly on 317 square yards, the grey and white color combination exterior exudes a sense of serenity and class. However, it's not just about the colors; grunge texture wall tiles, applied strategically on random walls, add depth and character to the facade, breaking the monotony and infusing a touch of raw charm.

The pièce de résistance of the exterior design lies in the expansive plain glass windows, effortlessly merging the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces. These windows not only flood the interiors with natural light but also provide panoramic views of the surroundings, blurring the lines between the inside and outside world.

Adding to the contemporary allure is the steel structure car porch, seamlessly blending with glass elements and adorned with a pergola. This structural masterpiece not only shelters vehicles but also serves as a visual delight, setting the stage for what awaits within. Designed by Bougain Villa Designers, Ernakulam, Kerala.

House Details
Total Area : 2850 Sq. Ft.
Bedrooms : 4
Design style : Contemporary modern

Exterior view of the contemporary 4-bedroom house showcasing grey and white color combination, grunge texture wall tiles, and expansive plain glass windows.
House Facilities
Ground floor
  • Garage - Steel structure
  • Entrance with L- shaped Veranda
  • Formal Living
  • Dining
  • Staircase with skylight
  • Family Living
  • Master Bedroom with attached Toilet and Dressing space
  • Bedroom -2 with attached Toilet and Dressing space
  • Common Toilet & wash
  • Kitchen
  • Utility
First floor
  • 2 Bedrooms with attached Toilets and Dressing space
  • Upper Living
  • Common Balcony
  • Private Balcony for Bedroom
  • Open Terrace
To know more about this beautiful home, contact (Ernakulam home design)
Designer:Antu Poulose
Bougain Villa Designers logo
Bougain Villa Designers
Contact Person : Antu Poulose
Noah's Ark building, 1st floor
Angamaly South
Mobile: +91 9895071523
Email:[email protected]
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