A Vibrant 2-Bedroom Haven with a Mixed Roof Design

Elevate Your Lifestyle: Discover the Contemporary Charm of a Single-Floor Retreat

A 2-bedroom gem nestled in 1167 square feet awaits, offering a perfect blend of modern design and practical functionality. This contemporary marvel, designed with a mixed roof and adorned with a palette of green, brown, yellow, and white, showcases a single-floor layout that embodies simplicity and style.

Architectural Features:

Designed to harmonize with its surroundings, this contemporary house captivates with a flat and C-curved roof, adding a touch of uniqueness to the structure. Let's explore the facilities that make this one-floor abode a symbol of modern elegance.

Exterior Aesthetics:

The house exterior is a canvas of sophistication, featuring a delightful combination of green, brown, yellow, and white hues. This harmonious palette not only enhances the visual appeal but also integrates seamlessly with the natural surroundings. Designed by Scope 3D Designer, Kasaragod, Kerala.
Square feet details
Total area : 1167 Sq.Ft.
No. of bedrooms : 2
Design style : Mixed roof
Vibrant 2-Bedroom House Exterior with Mixed Roof Design
Facilities in this house
Ground floor
  • Car Porch
  • Sit Out
  • Living Hall
  • Dining Hall
  • 2 Bed Room
  • 1 Attach & 1 Common Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Work Area
  • Store Room
  • Pooja Room
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For more info about this house, Contact (House Design Kasaragod)
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Ph: +91 8129111243 (Also WhatsApp)
A Vibrant 2-Bedroom Haven with a Mixed Roof Design A Vibrant 2-Bedroom Haven with a Mixed Roof Design Reviewed by Kerala Home Design on Thursday, January 18, 2024 Rating: 5

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