Modern Elegance in 1346 Sq.Ft.: A Single-Floor 3-Bedroom House Design

In the realm of contemporary architecture, the fusion of functionality and aesthetics often results in remarkable homes. Our spotlight today is on a thoughtfully crafted single-floor house, spanning 1346 square feet (125 square meters or 150 square yards), that seamlessly blends modern design elements with practical living spaces.

Exterior Marvel:

The front elevation of this house is a captivating display of craftsmanship. Red rubble stone work adorns the show wall, imparting a distinctive character that catches the eye. The exterior is painted in a harmonious palette of pale yellow, white, and grey, presenting a visually appealing and modern facade. Adding to the contemporary allure are cement design works incorporated into the exterior elevation, showcasing the marriage of traditional and modern materials. Designed by Scope 3D Designer, Kasaragod, Kerala.
Square feet details
Total area : 1346 Sq.Ft.
No. of bedrooms : 3
Design style : Flat roof
Modern Single-Floor 3-Bedroom House Design with Red Rubble Stone Accent Wall and Flat Roof
Facilities in this house
Ground floor
  • Car Porch
  • Sit Out
  • Living Hall
  • Dining Hall
  • 3 Bed Room
  • 1 Attach & 1 Common Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Work Area
This 1346 sq.ft. modern marvel exemplifies the essence of contemporary living. With a perfect amalgamation of design, comfort, and functionality, this house stands as a testament to the artistry of architectural innovation. From the red rubble stone work to the flat roof design, every element has been meticulously curated to create a home that not only shelters but also inspires.

As we navigate the nuances of modern living, this house design serves as an inspiration for those seeking a harmonious blend of style and substance in their abode. It is a testament to the fact that a well-designed home is not just a shelter; it's a reflection of one's lifestyle and aspirations.

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For more info about this house, Contact (House Design Kasaragod)
Scope 3D Designer
Kasaragod, Kerala
Designer:Naush Hillside
Ph: +91 8129111243
Email:[email protected]

Modern Elegance in 1346 Sq.Ft.: A Single-Floor 3-Bedroom House Design  Modern Elegance in 1346 Sq.Ft.: A Single-Floor 3-Bedroom House Design Reviewed by Kerala Home Design on Wednesday, December 13, 2023 Rating: 5

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