Modern Elegance: A Three-Story Marvel on a 40x50 North-Facing Plot

Welcome to the epitome of modern living – a stunning 3-story, 4-bedroom house nestled on a 40 feet by 50 feet North-facing plot. Boasting a grandeur of 4265 square feet, this architectural masterpiece stands tall with contemporary elegance and thoughtful design. Join us on a virtual tour through the meticulous details of this dream home.

Elevation and Design:

The exterior of this house is a symphony of modern contemporary style. A full-height stone cladding in the car park area sets the tone, creating a visual anchor. Balconies adorned with stainless steel and glass railings add a touch of sophistication. The first-floor balcony, wrapped in a white finish, elevates the overall aesthetic. Vertical grooves with texture paint grace the facade, enhancing the visual appeal. Moving to the second floor, a wooden finish ceiling and a CNC circular design on the balcony create a unique focal point. The stair room, finished in dark grey texture paint with vertical and horizontal grooves, adds an avant-garde touch. A full-height fixed glass on the facade further contributes to the contemporary charm. Design send by eHomez22 from Ernakulam, Kerala. 

Ground floor area : 1342 sq.ft.
First floor area : 1358 sq.ft.
Second floor area : 1358 sq.ft.
Terrace floor : 207 sq.ft.
Total area : 4265 sq.ft.
Plot Size - 40 M x 50 M West Facing
Design style : Modern Villa
Modern Contemporary House Elevation
Facilities in this house
Ground floor
  • Car park
  • Living
  • Dining
  • Kitchen
  • Utility
  • Master Bedroom with walk in wardrobe & bath
First floor
  • Stair Lobby
  • Upper Living
  • Bedroom 01 with walk in wardrobe & bath
  • Bedroom 02 with walk in wardrobe & bath
  • Balcony
  • Terrace
Second floor
  • Stair Lobby
  • Bedroom 03 with walk in wardrobe & bath
  • Home Theater
  • Balcony
Terrace floor
  • Stair Lobby
  • Common bath

Ground Floor:

The journey begins on the ground floor, where a spacious car park accommodates two large cars on the left side of the plot. Enter the house through the veranda into a capacious living area. To the right of the living room, a staircase leads to the upper floors. The staircase area is enclosed, with access doors from the main living area and veranda, accompanied by a convenient common toilet. Continuing through the living area, you'll find the dining and kitchen spaces, complete with a utility area on the rear and left side of the kitchen. The ground floor also houses a luxurious master bedroom with a walk-in wardrobe and an attached bath.

First Floor:

Ascend the stairs to the first floor, where an upper living area welcomes you. A small pantry and a wrap-around balcony offer additional spaces for relaxation. Two bedrooms with walk-in wardrobes and attached baths, along with a rear terrace, complete the first-floor layout.

Second Floor:

The second floor is a haven of leisure and entertainment. A stair lobby leads to a guest bedroom with a walk-in wardrobe and attached bath, accompanied by a home theater for cinematic experiences. The star of this floor is the expansive front balcony, perfect for enjoying panoramic views. A stair room and a common bath complete the amenities on this level.

Terrace Floor:

The final stop on this architectural journey is the terrace floor, featuring a stair lobby and a common bath. This space is versatile, allowing for various uses to suit the homeowner's preferences.


The house is not just aesthetically pleasing but also practical. The well-thought-out facilities include a car park, living and dining areas, a fully equipped kitchen, utility space, and luxurious bedrooms with walk-in wardrobes and attached baths. The upper floors add a touch of luxury with additional living spaces, balconies, and a home theater.

In the heart of a 40 feet by 50 feet North-facing plot stands a testament to architectural brilliance and modern luxury. This 3-story, 4-bedroom house seamlessly blends aesthetics with functionality, creating a haven that is both visually stunning and comfortable. Each detail tells a story of thoughtful design and meticulous planning, making this house a true embodiment of contemporary elegance.

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Modern Elegance: A Three-Story Marvel on a 40x50 North-Facing Plot Modern Elegance: A Three-Story Marvel on a 40x50 North-Facing Plot Reviewed by Kerala Home Design on Monday, November 27, 2023 Rating: 5

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