A Contemporary Marvel: 1224 Sq.Ft. 2-Bedroom Modern Home Design in Chembilode, Kannur

Welcome to the epitome of modern living in the heart of Chembilode, Kannur, Kerala. Today, we'll explore a stunning 1224 Sq.Ft. (114 square meters or 136 square yards) one-floor home design that seamlessly blends functionality with contemporary aesthetics. This unique home boasts a combination of slanting and flat roofs, a thoughtfully curated color palette, and an estimated construction cost that makes it an attractive choice for those seeking elegance on a budget.

Exterior Elevation:

The exterior of this modern home is a visual delight with its alternating slanting and flat roofs. The combination of pale yellow, beige, grey, and white paints creates a harmonious and sophisticated facade. To add texture and visual interest, artificial stone cladding has been applied around 1.5 feet from the ground, giving the home a touch of timeless elegance.

Notable Features:

Roof Design: The right side of the house features a slanting roof, adding a dynamic and modern touch. In contrast, the left side boasts a flat roof, creating a visually appealing asymmetry.

Color Palette: The carefully chosen color palette of pale yellow, beige, grey, and white reflects a contemporary and soothing aesthetic, making the home stand out in its surroundings.

Corner Window: A standout feature is the corner window with a grey border on the right side. This not only adds a touch of modern design but also floods the interior with natural light.

Stone Cladding: The artificial stone cladding not only enhances the exterior's visual appeal but also provides a durable and low-maintenance finish. Design send by Arconic Architects & Interiors, Kannur, Kerala.

Square feet details
Ground floor area : 1190 Sq.Ft.
Patio : 34 Sq.Ft.
Total area : 1224 Sq.Ft.
Bed : 2
Design style : Slanting roof mix
Location : Chembilode, Kannur, Kerala
Estimated construction cost : 28 Lakhs* (USD 33,7002*) (AED 1,23,5005*) *May change time to time place to place
Modern 2-Bedroom one floor  Home Exterior
Ground floor
  • 2 bed attached with dressing room
  • Living room
  • Foyer
  • Sit out
  • Dinning with wash space
  • Patio
  • Kitchen
  • Work area
This 2-bedroom modern home in Chembilode, Kannur, is a testament to thoughtful design and contemporary aesthetics. With its slanting roof mix, alternating roof styles, and carefully chosen color palette, it stands out as a modern marvel. The estimated construction cost of 28 Lakhs* (USD 33,7002*) (AED 1,23,5005*) makes it an attractive option for those who seek both style and affordability. If you're dreaming of a home that combines elegance with functionality, this design is worth considering.

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A Contemporary Marvel: 1224 Sq.Ft. 2-Bedroom Modern Home Design in Chembilode, Kannur A Contemporary Marvel: 1224 Sq.Ft. 2-Bedroom Modern Home Design in Chembilode, Kannur Reviewed by Kerala Home Design on November 20, 2023 Rating: 5

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