A Glimpse of a 646 Sq. Ft. Arabic Style Single Floor House in Three Color Combinations

The allure of architecture lies not only in the design itself but also in the colors that adorn it. A 646 square feet Arabic style single floor house embodies both charm and functionality. With influences from the rich Arabian design heritage, this house seamlessly blends traditional aesthetics with modern living. We delve into the captivating exterior color combinations of this unique house design, each contributing to a distinct visual appeal.

Arabic Architectural Elegance

Arabic architecture is known for its intricate detailing, geometric patterns, and earthy colors that reflect the region's culture and history. This 646 square feet house takes inspiration from this timeless style, presenting a harmonious blend of form and function. Design provided by Dileep Maniyeri, Calicut, Kerala.

Square feet details
Total Area : 646 Sq.Ft.
No. of bedrooms : 2
Design style : Arabic style

Exterior Color Combinations

1. Grey Brick Elevation

The first elevation features a dignified aura with its grey brick exterior. The muted tones of grey exude a sense of sophistication, while the texture of the brick adds depth and character to the design. The house emanates a sense of strength and resilience, symbolizing the enduring nature of Arabic architecture.
Grey Brick Elevation - Traditional Arabic House Design
Facility details

Ground floor
  • Sit out
  • Drawing
  • Dining
  • Bedroom-2
  • Toilet-1
  • Kitchen

2. Chestnut Rose Painted Elevation

In contrast to the subtle grey, the chestnut rose painted elevation embraces warmth and vibrancy. The gentle rosy hue pays homage to the desert landscape, evoking a feeling of serenity and comfort. This color choice adds a touch of modernity while still respecting the traditional Arabic design elements.
Chestnut Rose Painted Elevation - Warm and Inviting Arabic House

3. Hampton Painted Elevation

The third elevation showcases a Hampton painted finish, which brings a coastal charm to the Arabic style. The light and airy blue-grey shade exudes a relaxed ambiance, reminiscent of coastal villas. This unexpected yet delightful color choice offers a fresh take on the traditional Arabic architecture, illustrating the versatility of the design.
Hampton Painted Elevation - Coastal Charm Meets Arabic Architecture

Distinctive Design Elements

The design of this Arabic style house doesn't stop at color choices; it also incorporates unique architectural features that set it apart.

Arch Shaped Design Element with Pillars

The house's focal point is the arch-shaped design element projecting over the two windows on the left and right sides. Flanked by two pillars, this architectural detail pays homage to the iconic arches seen in Arabic architecture. It not only adds visual interest but also serves as a reminder of the design's cultural roots.

Round Holes on Top of House Elevation

A subtle yet captivating detail, the round holes on the top of the house elevation provide ventilation while also creating intriguing patterns of light and shadow. This design element not only contributes to the aesthetics of the house but also highlights the fusion of form and function in Arabic architecture.

Other Designs by Dileep Maniyeri

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Dileep Maniyeri
Easthill, Calicut, Kerala
Mob:+91 9895311035
A Glimpse of a 646 Sq. Ft. Arabic Style Single Floor House in Three Color Combinations A Glimpse of a 646 Sq. Ft. Arabic Style Single Floor House in Three Color Combinations Reviewed by Kerala Home Design on Wednesday, August 23, 2023 Rating: 5

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