Traditional Elegance Meets Modern Comfort: A Glimpse into a 3600 Sq. Ft. Kerala Traditional House

Nestled in a seamless blend of tradition and modernity, the sprawling 3600 square feet (334 square meters) Kerala traditional house stands as a testament to architectural finesse. With its stone-like wall tiles and wooden accents, this masterpiece showcases the perfect harmony of bygone charm and contemporary comfort. Let's take a closer look at this remarkable home that beautifully captures the essence of both worlds.

Embracing Heritage with a Modern Twist:

Stepping into this Kerala traditional house, you'll be enchanted by the fusion of old-world elegance and modern convenience. The house proudly carries the legacy of Kerala's architectural heritage while seamlessly integrating modern elements for a comfortable lifestyle.

A Visual Feast: Stone-Like Wall Tiles:

The house's elevation is adorned with stone-like wall tiles, a visual delight that echoes traditional construction techniques. These tiles not only pay homage to Kerala's rich history but also add texture and character to the exterior, creating an inviting aura that stands out.

Wooden Charupadi: A Nod to Nature:

As you walk through the verandah and explore the upper floor's balcony, you'll be greeted by wooden charupadi that exude warmth and a connection to nature. A wooden charupadi holds a treasured place within the cultural tapestry of Kerala, India. This traditional seating structure takes the form of an elevated wooden platform, often adorned with exquisite carved patterns. Rooted in heritage, the charupadi goes beyond its practical use and assumes a role of cultural significance. Primarily designed for comfortable seating, it finds its space both within homes and communal settings. These wooden accents not only add aesthetic appeal but also resonate with the lush natural surroundings.

Charm in the Details: Roofing Mugappu and Finials:

The roofing Mugappu made of wood grace the separate sloping roofs with an elegant touch. These details not only contribute to the overall visual charm but also serve as functional elements that enhance the house's durability. The white color finial at the peak adds a touch of sophistication, elevating the aesthetics of the roofing.

Spacious Living, Traditional Design:

With a total area of 3600 sq. ft., this house is thoughtfully designed to accommodate the needs of a modern family. The layout comprises four bedrooms, each accompanied by an attached bathroom, ensuring comfort and privacy. A home theatre offers the perfect space for entertainment, while the living room and dining area embody the essence of traditional family gatherings. Design provided by Vinod Pulickal, Square Drive Living Spaces, Cochin, Kerala.

Square feet details
Total area : 3600 sq. ft.
No. of bedrooms : 4
No. of bathrooms : 4
Design style : Traditional
Exterior View of 3600 Sq. Ft. Kerala Traditional House with Modern Mix
Facilities of the house
  • Sit out
  • 4 Bed rooms + Attached Bathroom
  • Home Theatre
  • Living room
  • Dining
  • Patio
  • Kitchen
  • Work area
  • Store
Square Drive Architects & Associates
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For more information about this contemporary villa
Designed By: Square Drive Architects & Developers (Cochin house design)
161, Giri Nagar, Cochin - 682 020

Contact Details
Mr. Vinod Pulickal (Managing Director & CEO)
Mobile Number : +91 97 4606 4607, Office : 0484-4066093
Traditional Elegance Meets Modern Comfort: A Glimpse into a 3600 Sq. Ft. Kerala Traditional House Traditional Elegance Meets Modern Comfort: A Glimpse into a 3600 Sq. Ft. Kerala Traditional House Reviewed by Kerala Home Design on August 25, 2023 Rating: 5

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