A Captivating Fusion of Curves and Elegance: Discover the Unique Beauty of a 5-Bedroom Modern Contemporary Masterpiece

Prepare to be mesmerized by the unparalleled beauty and innovative design of a 5-bedroom house that pushes the boundaries of conventional architecture. Nestled within 4000 square feet (372 square meters or 444 square yards), this outstanding abode is a testament to creativity and style. Join us on an enchanting journey as we explore the distinctive features and exceptional charm of this modern contemporary gem.

Unique Arch Model Design:

The doors and windows of this remarkable house are crafted in a mesmerizing arch model design, adding an element of uniqueness and artistic flair. These graceful curves create a sense of harmony and fluidity, infusing the space with an air of sophistication. Every entrance and aperture becomes a work of art, inviting you to step into a world of architectural innovation.

Fluidic Curvy Exterior Design:

Prepare to be awe-struck by the fluidic curvy design that adorns the entire exterior of this extraordinary dwelling. Breaking away from conventional styles, the sinuous lines and smooth contours captivate the eye, establishing an immediate focal point. Each curve tells a story, showcasing the homeowner's desire for a living space that challenges norms and embraces individuality.

Separate Car Porch with Ample Parking Space:

Convenience meets elegance with a separate car porch that offers ample space for parking two vehicles. This thoughtfully designed feature ensures that your cars are protected while seamlessly blending with the overall aesthetic of the house. Say goodbye to parking woes as you indulge in the luxury of easily accessible and secure parking.

Beautiful Sober Color Beige and Grey Texture Painting:

Aesthetics are elevated to new heights with the stunning combination of beautiful sober color beige and grey texture painting that adorns the walls. These subtle yet sophisticated hues create a harmonious ambiance, infusing the space with warmth and tranquility. Prepare to be enveloped in an atmosphere of refined elegance and understated beauty.

Garden Lights:

As dusk settles, the magic continues with the soft glow of garden lights illuminating the surroundings. These carefully placed lights enhance the enchanting landscape, casting a gentle radiance on the lush greenery and creating a mesmerizing outdoor setting. Whether you're entertaining guests or simply enjoying a peaceful evening, the garden lights add a touch of enchantment to your living space. Design provided by Greenline Architects, Calicut, Kerala.

Square Feet Details
Ground floor area : 2600 Sq.Ft.
First floor area : 1400 Sq.Ft.
Total floor area : 4000 Sq.Ft.
Bed : 4 bedrooms
Bath : 5
Courtyard : 2
Waterbody : 1
Porch : 2
Design style : Modern Contemporary

Ground floor
  • Porch
  • Sit out
  • Courtyard
  • Foyer
  • Living
  • Double Height Cutout
  • 2 Bed attached with Dressing
  • Dining
  • Prayer Room
  • Courtyard
  • Patio 1
  • Waterbody
  • Common Wash, toilet
  • Kitchen
  • Work Area
  • Maid Room
First floor
  • 2 bed with Attached Dressing
  • Upper living
  • Study
  • Balcony

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A Captivating Fusion of Curves and Elegance: Discover the Unique Beauty of a 5-Bedroom Modern Contemporary Masterpiece A Captivating Fusion of Curves and Elegance: Discover the Unique Beauty of a 5-Bedroom Modern Contemporary Masterpiece Reviewed by Kerala Home Design on Tuesday, June 20, 2023 Rating: 5

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