Elegant and Spacious: A Stunning 3 BHK House with a Mixed Roof Design

Are you in search of a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing home that encompasses all your needs and preferences? Look no further! We present to you a remarkable 3 bedroom, one-floor house architecture rendering, spanning an impressive 1633 square feet (152 square meters or 181 square yards). With a tasteful combination of design elements, this house exudes elegance and functionality. Let's dive into the details and explore the captivating features of this beautiful dwelling.

Exterior Design:

The exterior of this 3 BHK house is an exemplary blend of modern aesthetics and traditional charm. The roof, painted in a soothing blue hue, adds a touch of sophistication to the overall appearance. Complementing the roof, the walls feature red brick, lending a warm and rustic feel to the house. Additionally, clay jalis (lattice screens) are used as decorative elements, enhancing the visual appeal and providing an interesting play of light and shadow. Design provided by Sreejith Pattazhy from Kollam, Kerala.

Square feet details
Total area : 1633 sq.ft.
No. of bedrooms : 3
Design style : Mixed roof
Exterior view of the 3 BHK house architecture, featuring a beautiful mix of blue color roof, red brick walls, and clay jali decorative elements

Ground floor facilities
  • Sit out
  • Car porch
  • Living Area
  • Dining Area
  • 3 Bedroom ( 3attached)
  • Kitchen
  • Work area
If you desire a home that offers comfort, style, and functionality, this 3 BHK house architecture rendering will certainly exceed your expectations. Embrace the joy of living in a space that reflects your personality and provides a haven for cherished memories.

Other Designs by Sreejith Pattazhy
For more info about this home, contact
Sreejith Pattazhy (House design Kollam)
Kollam, Kerala
PH:+91 9846459527
Email : [email protected]
Elegant and Spacious: A Stunning 3 BHK House with a Mixed Roof Design Elegant and Spacious: A Stunning 3 BHK House with a Mixed Roof Design Reviewed by Kerala Home Design on Saturday, June 24, 2023 Rating: 5

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