Exquisite Tropical Style House Rendering: A Harmonious Blend of Comfort and Nature

Featuring a stunning 5-bedroom mixed roof tropical style house, designed by Greenline Architects, located in the picturesque region of Calicut, Kerala. This architectural marvel spans across an area of 3500 square feet (325 square meters) (389 square yards), seamlessly blending modern design elements with the allure of tropical aesthetics. Let's delve into the captivating features and thoughtful design choices that make this house a tropical paradise.

Design and Layout:
The house comprises two floors, with a total floor area of 3500 square feet. The ground floor spans 2250 square feet, while the first floor occupies 1250 square feet. The design incorporates four spacious bedrooms and five bathrooms, ensuring ample space and privacy for every family member. The tropical style is characterized by its mixed roof, which adds a touch of uniqueness and elegance.

Square Feet Details
Ground floor area : 2250 Sq.Ft.
First floor area : 1250 Sq.Ft.
Total floor area : 3500 Sq.Ft.
Bed : 4 bedrooms
Bath : 5
Courtyard : 2
Waterbody : 1
Porch : 1
Design style : Mixed roof
Mixed roof tropical house design
Ground Floor:
Upon entering the house, you are greeted by a charming porch that sets the tone for the tropical experience that awaits. The sit-out area invites you to relax and enjoy the surrounding beauty. As you step inside, you are greeted by a courtyard, infusing the house with natural light and promoting a sense of tranquility.

The foyer seamlessly connects the various spaces, leading you to the spacious living area. With its generous size and comfortable seating, the living room serves as a perfect gathering place for family and friends. The double-height cutout enhances the sense of grandeur and openness.

The ground floor features two bedrooms, each with attached dressing areas, providing a private retreat for family members. The dining area is designed to accommodate lavish family meals, while a separate prayer room caters to spiritual needs. Another courtyard brings nature indoors, creating a refreshing atmosphere.

Additional features on the ground floor include a patio, perfect for enjoying the outdoors, a waterbody that adds a soothing element to the surroundings, and convenient common washrooms and toilets. The well-appointed kitchen, work area, and storage space ensure practicality and functionality.

First Floor:
Ascending to the first floor, you'll find two additional bedrooms, each with its own attached dressing area. The upper living area provides a cozy space for relaxation and entertainment. For those who work from home or need a private office space, a dedicated office room is also included on this floor.
Mixed roof tropical house side view
Tropical Elegance:
The tropical style of this house transcends its architecture and extends to the surrounding outdoor spaces. Lush greenery, palm trees, and vibrant tropical plants enhance the visual appeal and create a harmonious blend between the indoors and outdoors. The use of natural materials, such as wood and stone, further accentuates the tropical ambiance.

The 5-bedroom mixed roof tropical style house designed by Greenline Architects in Calicut, Kerala, presents a captivating blend of modern design and tropical aesthetics. With its thoughtful layout, ample space, and harmonious connection to nature, this house offers a serene and luxurious living experience. Whether you are seeking a peaceful retreat or a space to entertain guests, this tropical paradise is sure to exceed your expectations.

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