Experience Tranquility in a Tiny Traditional Kerala Laterite Stone House

Are you looking for a simple and serene abode that provides the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life? Look no further than this charming one-bedroom traditional Kerala laterite stone house design.

Built entirely of laterite stone without any plastering with cement, this tiny house measures just 560 square feet (52 square meters or 62 square yards). The use of laterite stone not only gives the house a unique aesthetic appeal but also provides excellent insulation, keeping the interiors cool even on hot summer days.

The traditional roof design with wooden eaves as a border adds to the overall charm of the house. The small, single-storied house features a wooden charupadi and pillar, further enhancing the traditional look and feel of the structure. Design provided by Rit designers, Kannur, Kerala.

Square feet details
Total area : 560 Sq.Ft.
No. of bedrooms : 1
Design style : Traditional roof
Tiny traditional house
See Facility details
Ground floor
  • Sit out
  • Living Room
  • Bedroom +attached Toilet
  • Kitchen
This tiny traditional house is perfect for those who seek a simpler, more authentic way of living. Experience the tranquility and calmness of Kerala's countryside while enjoying the comfort of a fully-functional house.

In conclusion, this traditional Kerala laterite stone house is an excellent example of how simplicity and tradition can coexist in perfect harmony. Its compact size, combined with its unique aesthetic appeal, makes it a perfect choice for those looking for a peaceful retreat.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a laterite stone?


  • Excellent Insulation: Laterite stone has excellent insulating properties, which keeps the interiors of the house cool even on hot summer days.
  • Durability: Laterite stone is a durable and sturdy material that can withstand harsh weather conditions, making it an excellent choice for constructing houses.
  • Low Maintenance: Laterite stone houses require minimal maintenance, as they do not need regular painting or plastering.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing: The unique reddish-brown color and texture of laterite stone give it a distinct aesthetic appeal that is highly sought after in traditional house designs.
  • Sustainable Material: Laterite stone is an eco-friendly and sustainable building material that is locally available in many regions of India.


  • Limited Availability: Laterite stone is only available in certain regions of India, making it difficult to source for construction projects in other parts of the country.
  • Difficult to Work With: Laterite stone is a tough and hard material, making it challenging to shape and cut into desired shapes and sizes, increasing the cost and time required for construction.
  • Vulnerable to Water Damage: Laterite stone can be prone to water damage if not properly treated and sealed, which can result in cracks and deterioration over time.
  • Cost: Due to the difficulty in sourcing and working with laterite stone, it can be more expensive compared to other building materials such as brick or concrete.
  • Lack of Customization: The unique characteristics of laterite stone may not allow for the same level of customization as other building materials, limiting design options for the house.

2024 sq-ft bungalow style single floor house
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