Apartment interior designs by AEON, Cochin

Details of this apartment interior

Genre : Residence 3 BHK
Total area : 1850 sq.ft. at Kakkanad MIR Realtors
Style :contemporary style
Site : Kerala, Kalamassery

Master bed
An additional dressing room, study space and wardrobe is provided.

Master bedoom

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Living room
As most of the apartment lack from a green space we decided to provide a vertical garden in the balcony

Living room vertical garden

As the kitchen is small we decided to demolish the work area and s.toilet for better light and space


Kids room
When the kids are grown up the two coat can be used as single bed and the study table and other elements can be used as book shelf and table.

Kids room

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Architect: AEON
Add nature, Modern Architecture and Engineering

Ar. Rejna K Hameed
Project Design Architect

Er. Hareesh CR
Project Design Engineer

Tyrex Building.Aluva,
Cochin (Kochi), Kerala
Email: aeon.rh@gmail.com
Ph::+91 9745303607

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  1. Wow, An Elegant look. Can you please send more interior designing works... I really like your works


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