A reflective interior with glass and mirrors

This guest post is by Priti Singh

Using glass in the interior is like creating a new model home for people of the future. Yes, we always feel happy when we see our reflection, ah…especially teenagers who love to spend long hours in front of a mirror.

The idea of using mirrors in the interior is to give a wonderful effect to your room and make it looker bigger. It has now days become a trend to have a full sized mirror in your living room since it adds a glossy touch to the interior and eventually expands the actual space.

Well, you can use mirrors at every place of your choice but we Indians do believe in Vastu Shashtra, and hence according to vastu, you should not face a mirror while you sleep in your bedroom.

The idea is to create a new model home for people of the future and the one with luxury liner that has sailed into. Emerging trends have returned to glass and plastic in interior design ideas.

Time passes by, fashion and trends change accordingly, new styles are born and old ones die, but the glass is not retreating from its position. Instead, it has flexibly and seamlessly fitted into every trend that come and go.

Wood with decorative glass

Wood with decorative glass
A combination of high-quality wood with decorative glass components become extremely popular combination of materials in a modern interpretation of the classics. The transparency and weightlessness of glass, furniture and interior details found easy, and the whole situation gives a feeling of spaciousness and luxury.

Headboards with mirror frame

headboard with mirror mosaic
An unusual and beautiful decorative piece is this headboard with small pieces of mirror cuttings. Choose your favorite layout and let it shine inside your bedroom.

White walls and mirror paneling

White walls and mirror paneling
Yet another interesting idea is this mirror panel at the front gate for your home. I bet anyone can recognize your home from a distance.

Tabletop glass

Tabletop glass
Huge mirrors, built-in wall lamps and tabletop glass - all these details of interiors, combined with the natural color of the wood and light walls is an essential feature of interior modernized classics.

In the hallway or lobby mirror

Hallway mirror
In the living room mirror serves to be a decorative item, adding solemnity to the front area. In Indian homes we can use it as mirrored wall at the hallway to give a visual extension to the space.

Collection of mirror wall hangings

This is the newest trend of all. All you need is to collect all those mirrors of your favorite shapes and hang them altogether in a pattern. Voila! You are done.

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