Modern Coffee Table Plans and Step-by-Step Instructions

Create a modern coffee table with high-end industrial style at home in less than an hour by following this step-by-step guide from Lowe's Creative Ideas.

The supplies needed include:
  • 4 small shelves of wire decking
  • 1 large shelf of wire decking
  • some heavy duty zip ties
  • some plexi glass

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You are going to be creating triangle shapes with the wire decking. Begin by laying the large shelf on a hard surface with the cross bars facing up. Lay a small shelf at each end and attach them with zip ties. Do not tighten the zip ties too tight yet. Place the remaining two shelves in the middle of the large shelf. Attach them to the center, to each other, and to the large shelf. Make sure the zip ties go all the way around the three pieces. Now fold up the smaller shelves so they meet in the middle, forming an inverted V shape. Secure the ends together with more zip ties. Once your pieces are aligned correctly, you can secure the zip ties tightly. You can snip off the ends of the zip ties for a neater look. Leave a tail of about an inch to avoid having the ties pop off. Flip the whole thing over and top it off with plexi glass.
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