A Sample Kerala Home Design Entry

This is how the post will look like

Architect : Architect Name
Architect and Engineering Consultant
Phone: 0484-1111111

Location: Kochi (sample)
Total Area: 2075 sq ft in 5.90 Cents of land (sample)
Estimate: 14 Lakhs (sample)
Bed Rooms: 3 (sample)
Bathrooms/ Toilets: 3 (sample)
Specialities: Effective space management (sample)

House Exterior

House Interior

House Floor Plan

Video if Any

This blog will show beautiful house plans in kerala. If you are a builder, architect, civil engineer...Please send your own works to keralahomedesign@gmail.com And your contact info will come under your work photo for FREE!
Photos used above are samples. I find images from the Web that are believed to belong in the public domain.
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