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Some Unique House Designs

Some Western Style House Exterior Design
Exterior home design

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Kerala traditional houses - A Sample Design Entry

In Kerala you generally don’t see row houses or housing clusters. Typically a Kerala home is a detached, independent house in a large parcel of land. Rich and traditional family homes are ‘Nalukettu’. This is an architectural lay out with a central open courtyard and rooms arranged around it. The middle of the courtyard, in Hindu families, usually have a flower bed with the ‘Thulasi’ plants. Thulasi is a plant with religious associations. You see many ‘nalukettu’ in Kerala, though many are being brought down to construct modern concrete buildings. Many of the richer families have multi-storied ‘nalukettu’. In some cases ‘nalukettu’ are repeated forming what is known as ‘Ettukettu’. The temple architecture of Kerala has significantly influenced this style of home design.

Ground floor - 1800 sq ft
Bed room - 3
Bathroom - 4
Court yard
Total Area - 1800 sq ft
kerala traditional house

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A Sample modern Kerala Home Design Entry

This is how the post will look like

Architect : Architect Name
Architect and Engineering Consultant
Phone: 0484-1111111

Location: Kochi (sample)
Total Area: 2075 sq ft in 5.90 Cents of land (sample)
Estimate: 14 Lakhs (sample)
Bed Rooms: 3 (sample)
Bathrooms/ Toilets: 3 (sample)
Specialities: Effective space management (sample)

House Exterior

sample modern Kerala Home Exterior

House Interior

sample modern Kerala Home interior

House Floor Plan

sample modern Kerala Home floor plan

Video if Any

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